Our Technologies

Technology is neither good, nor bad but we do see the undeniable impact technology has. It is also not neutral because it takes on the intention of its creator. This is why we challenge our innovator partners to be intentional about the conception, design, impact assessment, manufacturing & packaging processes as well as the responsible use of tech in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges. At Ecobi we only invest in and promote technology that is created to make a positive difference to the world and creates real social, economic and or environmental change for good for every stakeholder on our planet.  Contrary to mainstream, at Ecobi , we are taking a more expansive approach to what we understand as technology. We believe that technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. This is reflected in the varied technologies that we promote.  They spread across every sphere of life because mindful re-imagining and innovation is required in every aspect of our current economy if we want to see a better world emerge.


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A cost effective, sustainable, fully recyclable, profitable automated organic farming system, consisting of an ever expanding range of inter-related machinery that work together synergistically to automate the entire organic farming process, specifically designed for medium sized organic farms.

Dirmbi is the acronym for  – Drip Irrigated Raised Mulched Bed Implementation. It was designed by Helmuth Rohrer, agricultural researcher and methodologist; who initially researched and developed what he named OMET (Organic Medium Enclosed Troughs) cultivation methodology. OMET was perfected in the harsh and arid conditions of the West Coast of South Africa over the last decade. OMET was recognised to supersede all other methodologies within this sphere. But its biggest drawback was still its labour content as experienced with all other manual farming.

Rohrer and his team at MARC Research in South Africa then went to work to automate OMET which is now known to us, as DIRMBI a-z. It is a marvel of ingenuity that was initially designed for the Sub-Saharan African Countries, but has subsequently been tweaked to provide a sustainably designed, surprisingly cost effective, automated medium sized organic farming solution compatible for most climates around the globe.

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MSR Technology

An international environmental wetland solution – MSR™ Technology, for polluted wastewater solutions, industrial waste, contaminated land remediation and consultancy services. The team at Oceans-EWS has developed the theory and design of bio-remediation through wetland systems extensively over the last thirty years.

MSR™ Technology, Microbial-Soil-Reed Beds is providing world-leading treatment of industrial wastewaters including hydrocarbons from numerous producing oil fields. All stable processes for treatment of organic contaminants involve the degradation of common and complex compounds with the use of microbial action in either anaerobic or aerobic conditions. Organic wastes provide nutrients for microbial growth. When combined with suitable micro-organisms, contaminant waste is degraded to inert compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

MSR™ Technology accelerates the natural sustainable microbial processes unlike any other wetland by creating an environment suitable for optimum microbial degradation using a specifically designed proprietary combination of plants and soils designed to provide an environmentally friendly, unique, passive treatment system. This eco solution was designed for companies who have a responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants to ethically and sustainably dispose of their industrial waste and also offset their carbon footprint.

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Transform App & Game

What if you could Play a Game, Transform yourself and Save our Planet, all at the same time? The Team at Ignite Life believed you could, so they created the Transform App. It helps people reconnect meaningfully on a social, environmental, and spiritual level so we can overcome the systemic challenges required to transform our individual & collective trajectories. 

The Transform Platform facilitates a regenerative ecosystem that connects and empowers changemakers across the planet to co-create disruptive solutions that support sustainable living. Protecting the environment is a collective effort, and it can be fun. 

Another key feature is the Transform Game which turns our sustainable habits into a game and makes it social.The Transform game provides a fun, competitive, practical, systemic, behaviour change solution that can be adopted for individuals, cities, countries, learning institutions, groups and even corporates to facilitate a creative personal and societal change on a small or large scale.

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Ignite TV

A free, interdependent Media Network inspired by its viewers…

Amplifying humanity’s voice, investigating our greatest challenges and finding solutions together. Ignite TV is an extension of the work & vision of the Ignite Life team, which is to inspire an awakening within human beings to a greater consciousness, so that we can co-create a better world. 

So, they created a free online media platform for change innovators who need their voice to be heard so they can facilitate the change that is needed for a better world for all. For too long the media has been owned and therefore controlled by a handful of powerful people. It is time for this to change. 

Ignite TV offers an opportunity for the voice of the collective change navigators to be amplified so we can be inspired to investigate the greatest eco-related challenges and be empowered to find solutions. If we are to find solutions together then we must begin to share our knowledge, discoveries and get to know each other, no matter where on the planet we are because ultimately, we live on one planet and our actions and non-action affects each other.

Check out the ecobi channel on the Ignite TV Network, subscribe today and join your voice with ours to make a positive change a reality!!