Who are we?

We are a versatile group of collaborators combining expertise from varied synergistic fields in order to bring a holistic solution. Our collective expertise are in Whole System Change, Circular Economy, Cosmo Localisation, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Agriculture Research, Development & Management, Chemical Engineering, Machine Tool Specialisation, Making & Repairing Scientific Instruments, Tool, Die, Transfer & Injection Moulding, Alternative Energy, Hydroponics, Strategic Management, Project Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Multi-Media Marketing, Finance, Project Funding & Personal Development. Each of us brings our own area of expertise, to create a set of complementary skills for our portfolio companies. We bring all that we are as our gift to you and our planet because our goal is to be responsible future ancestors that attempted to make a positive impact in the world.

MEET Our Operations Team

Operations Team

CEO, Aquisitions & Partner Relations
Ferial Puran - Ecobi
Ferial Puren
Director, Engineering, Product Research & Development
Adrian Grigoras
Director, Marketing & IT Development
MH Russell
MH Russell
Director, Funding & Sales
Shaun Els - ECOBI
Shaun Els
Training Development
Andrew Furguson
Andrew Ferguson

MEET Our Advisory Team

Advisory Team

James wong
James-Gien Wong
Helmuth Rohrer
Helmuth Rohrer
Lerato Thahane
Lerato Thahane
Roberto Valenti