Rotovator, Aerator, Root Slasher, Bed Extruder, Drip Tape Layer, Mulch Layer, Tape & Plastic Mulch Layer / Mulch recycler.

The Bedder prepares the bed to the optimum dimensions, creates a soil reference rail to guide all other DIRMBI machines and lays the plastic mulch. When crop has been harvested it also strips the plastic mulch for recycling, and removes drip tape for future use.

  • 85hp 3 point hitch
  • Plastic Mulch Layer
  • Rotovator – Aerator
  • Slasher – Mixer
  • Drip Tape Layer
  • Dome Shaper
  • Raised Bed Extruder
  • Path Maker
  • Paper Mulching
  • Easy & Safe-Start


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