Personal  Development
Part One of the Unique Three Part Programme facilitates you to STOP and focuses on discovering your WHY Here, we create and hold a safe space that is authentic and thought provoking in order for you to become vulnerable enough to ignite a paradigm shifting journey to uncover and begin to define your Unique Sacred Expression (USE)

Who is this service for?

It is for anyone that would like to engage with our process and uncover their Unique Sacred Expression.


12 weeks


We equip you with tools, resources and approaches that will empower you to Reinvent your individual context, organise your unique resources, develop adaptive resilience and inspire you to pursue your Unique Sacred Expression (USE) by getting you to: 

  • STOP what you are currently doing that is not building towards your Unique Sacred Expression.
  • RESET values, principles and actions that are informing your choices and therefore, your trajectory.
  • GO towards a more intentional future where you pursue meaning, instead of money and learn to sustainably produce resources for your future, regardless of the uncertainties you or we will face.

To Provoke you to transcend your current perspective to one where you; 

  • Understand your intrinsic value
  • Know why unique sacred expression facilitates intrinsic value 
  • Ignite a life by design 


You will have;

  • A Life Expression Statement 
  • A plan towards the future that you choose but also where you have the resilience to re-calibrate within your ever-changing environment