Who are they?

The change innovators and teams we partner and co-create with all strive to create solutions not products. We want to move away from our consumerist behaviour towards more sustainable behaviour where we create solutions that are useful, meaningful and solve a challenge that we have, thereby creating a lasting positive impact in the world around us. Deeply considering the true cost of our creations is the common thread across our entire portfolio.

Marc Research

MARC is our flagship innovations partner with many of their principals serving on our advisory board. It is an eco-tech research & development organisation that is part of the Triten Group, with its headquarters in South Africa. They are dedicated to creating the best in eco technologies. Marc are the creators of many of the brands & products we market like, DIRMBI, TURBI, ECOMULCH and others. We are their primary distributor here in the UK and Europe with the intention of expanding globally by setting up local manufacture, distribution and implementation of their products, services and technologies.

Marc is an extension of our own team as they provide Research & Development for all our future innovator partners.

Wetland Treatment Solutions

We teamed up with EWS Treatment to provide international environmental wetland solutions utilising their trademarked, MSR™ Technology for polluted wastewater solutions, industrial waste, contaminated land remediation and consultancy services. 

The team at EWS has developed the theory and design of bio-remediation through wetland systems extensively over the last thirty years. The principals have over 40 years of experience in engineered wetland design with award winning projects in; Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and Africa. The UK Laboratory is equipped with equipment and expertise required to carry out water and soil sample analysis, and all wetland effluent treatment trials. 

Ignite Life

Ignite Life provides opportunities for synergistic engagement among evolutionary leaders. Together, we explore ideas, perspectives and modalities that support an evolutionary worldview, pushing the edge of our collective thinking, knowing, and evolution. Our co-creation with this change innovator involves – 

  1. Co-Creating Disruptive Behaviour Change Solutions.
  2.  Empowering Change Innovators by utilising, expnding and enhancing their Media Platform.
  3.  Their Transformational tools are at the heart of what we do. We use it in our business and market it to the world.

We Launch Your Brand

A Co-operative of Innovative Professionals with Varied Creative, Marketing & Business Skills, Focused on Helping Change Innovators Position their Business Strategically in the Digital Marketplace to Ensure Relevance, Profit & Growth. They understand the challenges faced by most businesses in this ever-changing marketplace, where it is crucial to leverage the internet to grow, acquire & nurture new customers. We also realise that it is impossible for you, as a change innovator to know ‘everything’ about setting up a business & marketing, and then there is that tedious process of dealing with multitudes of service providers to realise your vision… BUT NO MORE…To Solve these challenges we teamed up with We Launch Your Brand – as an extension of our team, they provide our partner innovators with a Complete Business Building & Digital Marketing Solution to successfully launch your disruptive solution into the marketplace.