Brand Development
Part Two of the Unique Three Part Programme helps you to RESET and focuses on realising your WHAT. Armed with the knowledge of your USE, we will hold a further space where you will discover your current purpose at this stage of your life, in order to fully and meaningfully express yourself through the lens of your Unique Sacred Expression. When you have a clear idea of what that purpose is we will invest our experience, knowledge & resources to help you realise and prototype your solution, idea, product, business or technology. 

Who is this service for?

This part of the Journey can only be embarked on by those who have fully engaged with their Unique Sacred Expression and now wish to realise a current purpose in the form of a sustainable eco product/service/technology.


12 weeks


To connect you to accepting, capable and supportive individuals in our community who can support you to creatively and strategically organise your unique resources, using the lens of your Unique Sacred Expression and in doing so, help you express yourself fully and meaningfully at the current stage of your life through your work. 


As a result of embarking on Part Two of the SRG Journey, you will apply the SRG Tool to help you Co-create a Unique Solution to a very specific societal challenge from your Unique Sacred Expression (USE) that will result in work that makes you happy and creates, positive impact for your community.wo